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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moose Pass Journal 6/14/11

Bill Says:  Yesterday, Mona and I received a very nice surprise when our son Joshua and his wife, Jerea, suddenly arrived on our door step. Mona was outside, wondering who was driving up our driveway and probably wanted to thump him in the chest, ( her response to a lot of things and you should see the bruises I have- just kidding- official disclaimer by order of her highness). We thought they were still basking in Arizona visiting with Joshua's brother, James, his wife Becca and their lovely daughter Ava.  Joshua had just left the army and is on his way to Fairbanks to attend college at University of Alaska/Fairbanks. Jerea already had a job offer too. It was an extremely long and tiring drive from El Paso , Texas and they looked somewhat weary.

It's been nearly two years since we last saw Joshua and Jerea, when they were married in Fairbanks. Since then, they were stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas and Joshua did a tour of duty in Northern Iraq. ( There his vehicle was blown up twice, but no injuries- other than strained nerves). He finished his military service as an E-5 and this time in the service has grown him up some. As it does with most guys and gals who serve their country.

I was sitting in my chair, reading, when he suddenly appeared in my living room. To say the least, I was a bit startled by his presence- he was unshaven and larger than I recalled, but very thankful for their arrival.

Funny, how it reminded me of the many times I surprised my dad or he surprised me with a sudden appearance. I once came home from overseas, Grandma didn't expect me and she was driving down the road on the way to the store and I waved at her as we passed going the other way. She was extremely shook up, in tears, but made it back to the house okay.

My father and my other mother Bea, I dislike using the word-"Step", showed up here in Alaska and snuck into church to sit right behind Mona. She turned around and screamed with delight to see them- which broke up the service for a brief time.  I  later came home from work that day to be surprised when they walked up behind me. I got back at them, I was wearing oily Carhart overalls from working at the harbor when I hugged my Dad.

I find it so strange how, as parents, we hurry to get them to walk as babies, to get them into school and off to college or military service and then wish they were around more when they become adults. We want them to grow, to achieve and thrive, but when we are older, we wish they lived closer. But they all have their lives to live, to raise their children... on and on. Makes me think the old timers had it right when the kids were brought up in the family business, lived close by, had Sunday family dinners. As a whole things began to change rapidly after the Civil War and the west needed to be claimed for a rapidly growing country. Makes me wonder how long before we've outgrown this planet and were out settling some other piece of rock.

That's about it for now. God Bless!

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