Mr. Bill and Miz Mona

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thoughts on the need to write

Miss Mona sez:

I know it may be a bit weird to share a blog with your husband but it kinda tells you something fundamental about us- we come as a set.

Not always in the same place at the same time, but always together.

He tells crazy stories, I am just crazy. We both write about what is on our minds, we just have widely differing ways of expressing ourselves.

I love to watch him as he writes- he is so focused and absorbed , fingers tapping madly away (he wears the letters off of keyboards!), occasional pauses for help with a word that spellcheck doesn't like or when he can't remember the word he wants to use...

Writing has kept him sane, helped him to find healing, given him a purpose. Medical retirement in his 30's and constant pain has been a rough row for this man to hoe. Writing about Viet Nam was an emotional rollercoaster as he delved into his memories for accurate descriptions and characters, inserting bits of real into his fictional characters and events.Opening those pain-filled deposits in his mind have caused him to face and not ignore them and he has chosen to take them to our Lord for forgiveness and healing. Each rewrite has brought him a deeper level of healing and freedom, for which I am grateful. Each time he has felt overwhelmed and frustrated by another refusal from an agent or publisher that has made him want to quit, the Holy Spirit gives him a new story line in his dreams that won't stop invading his sleep until he begins to write it down! God is cool!

Same for me, actually, though my outlet has been journalling and essay/commentary writing. Writing it down helps me to focus, to face, to release to God. The process of trying to describe despair, anger, confusion and pain has, in effect, given them edges and definition. Brings the seemingly impossible and immense problem to a solid place where I can dissect its elephantine proportions down to bite-size hunks. 

Bill keeps telling me I need to write, share my journals and thoughts. Occasionally I try but far too often I allow life to distract or I choose not to share because "no one will read it." Dawned on me that I was doing the same as Bill in that I was giving up (giving in?) and that I really need to do do something with all the stuff floating around in my brain, taking up space and bugging the crap out of me. I need the outlet or I shall stagnate. Writers need to write just like growing things need light. It is food to our spirit, our soul. Readers are a wonderful plus but the bottom line is that they are an option, not a requirement!

So, here I am, sitting at the keyboard and trying to express the need to express myself. I shall endeavor to be consistent and not too dull, just in case the odd individual may wander by and stop for a look.

May you find the blessing you are searching for, dear ones!

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