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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bill's Books

I've been asked countless times what I write about and decided to begin listing my ideas here by showing you the synopsis for each one. Now I write Christian fiction, in my hopes of providing entertaining action/adventure stories for the Christian man. My first one... will, they've all been given to me in dreams, is "Apache Snow".  Now you might find it hard to believe, or not, how I receive the main ideas for my stories through my dreams and if I've had the same dream three times- then I write it down and file away for when I have time to begin a new book. Of course, my beloved wife, felt, and I had to agree with her, that my very first book came out looking like a police report. Hard to figure. I've written out more than 2,000 police reports in my 20 yrs of police work. One police report was a book in itself and it concerned an investigation involving a big figure in Alaska's gaming industry. I cost him $10 million a year by putting him out of business and became very unpopular with him and his family. But that is another story.

"Operation Apache Snow- 11-Days in Hell" has 21 Chapters and has 657 double-spaced pages. Agents and publishers require you present your manuscript in double-space format.  The story begins in 1968, with an attack made on a Green Beret encampment in South Viet Nam and the death of a Special Forces Sergeant Kendall. We then travel across the Pacific to California, where his younger brother, Matthew, is involved in a track meet. He comes home to find out his older brother was killed in the war. The son of a church pastor and scheduled to attend Bible College, Matthew desires to get married to his high school sweetheart. But now enraged over his brother's death, he turns aside all his plans and enlists in the Army. during Boot Camp, he meets our 2nd main character, John Adams, an Afro-American with a lot of attitude and from the ghetto streets of Washington DC. John is forced to join-up or go to jail over a car theft charge. (They did a lot of that back then). John and Matthew soon join forces with a fierce Hispanic by the name of Jose Martinez, who, in a promise to a dying mother, turns away from his gang life and joins the army.  The three men become friends and find themselves in an uphill battle against racism from all sides. All three go through jump school and become members of the 101 st Airborne Screaming Eagles. They also find a quick trip to Viet Nam comes with the job.

At this point, I place the three imaginary characters in a real rifle squad, who participated in the 11-day Battle for Hamburger Hill. Jose will lose his life, saving Matthew and both Matthew and John are severely wounded. The book also shows the relationship Matthew has with God during his ordeals, his relationship with his sweetheart and his bond with his two best friends.

John and Matthew are flown home, learning to deal with their disabilities and stay close as new families form. They go to the unveiling of the Viet Nam Memorial and later, Matthew and John travel back to Viet Nam. They bring Bibles to the underground churches. Here Matthew has a strange encounter with a former enemy and God uses Matthew to bring this man to Christianity. The story also tells of this North Vietnamese medic, who is on the other side of the battle and comes very close to ending Matthew's life.

I really enjoyed writing this story, though I have noticed a lot of improvement in my writing since I completed this. I seem to improve with each story, which would surprise my English teacher.  This story also brought a lot of healing with my own inner demons from that war and I pray this story could help others. I've written a rough draft of a sequel for this story, which involves current day problems with vets and their dealings with the Veterans Affairs. It is based in Los Angeles.  More later.

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