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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bill's Problems with Our Southern Border

Bill Says: It may appear as if I am ranting or raving, but I find it so hard to get the right effect across, while you are most likely quietly reading this and cannot hear my shrieking voice and pounding of the keyboard! I am so blasted tired of our current administration's failure to protect our extreme southern border. Not even the economy right now, just the border. I say extreme southern border because for us here in Alaska, our southern border ends with Canada. But so far, the Canadians have made no attempt to bomb or shoot us, though they do bring some drugs across to sell in the colleges. I recall busting numerous Canadians for bring those SPECIAL mushrooms across, which grow well in Canada.

We share more than 2,000 miles with Mexico and besides an undermanned Border Patrol and an overworked Customs and Immigration crew, we have no one to guard these long, empty miles of vast openness and sagebrush. The drug cartels, who I strongly believe are supporting numerous political figures with campaign funds, the Mafia used to do this and still may. The cartels have major highways going into America. In the bigger cities they use tunnels, but in the openness of the desert they simply walk across in the large parties of 15-30 people at a time. In Arizona, they supposedly found an Iranian Hezzbola booklet on how to build bombs- not quite your handyman's guide for putting your kid's bicycle together. This was most likely carried across by a Hezzbola member or a wanna-be, who is being provided with a cartel aide to cross into our land for a future strike.

According to Glenn Beck, who must be taken with a grain of salt at times, but he does have an excellent research team, a bomb was discovered in our territory the other day and made to resemble an IED- bombs used in Iraq and Afghanistan. THE TERRORISTS ARE HERE! Our current administration is allowing it to happen and we do so little to correct him, mostly because it might interfere with our TV watching or next fishing trip. Our Current Commander in Chief is a socialist, who desires to see our country collapse from within and evidence of this is his failure to put our military on our southern border to protect our people. We should march on the capital, much like our forefathers did when we didn't like something our elected representatives were not doing right. They did this over Viet Nam and it had quite the effect.

Farmers and ranchers have appeared before congress to report on the dangers they face and nothing is being done. Oh, they put a whole 1200 soldiers on the border for ONLY support duties and then the President withdrew them. President Bush placed 6,000 soldiers on the border, but they're gone too. But he slowed down the Cartels from entering during that time.

We have thousands of military personnel in the southwest, training and awaiting orders for duty in the great sandbox. As part of their training they could be used for patrolling our southern border, but no, they are not! We are ignoring our border as flows of illegal aliens come across. Sadly, not all of them are looking for a future of democracy and earning a wage that can support their family. No, some of them carry weapons, some carry drugs and some have serious plans for the downfall of our land. A survey done of Hispanic 8th graders was done in Arizona and another one in Texas, and a surprising number of them wanted to have the Southwest returned to Mexico and here we are educating them. Florida's primary language is now Hispanic, voted in two years ago and English was made the secondary language.  How long before this happens in the Southwest states?

Yesterday, our current Commander in Chief stated those who came across the Rio Grande are just the same as those people who came through Ellis Island or in slave ships. But those people sought and obtained legal citizenship and most of them even dislike the idea of these illegals coming across the southern border. People are claiming jobs, without proper paperwork, that Americans now can't have. Our taxes are being used to educate them, medical bills and even pay their unemployment. One town in Texas has a large post office, where the boxes are rented by people from across the border so they can show legal addresses in the US. We've allowed this to happen. The news broke the story on the post office, but little or nothing was done.

If we want to cross the borders, we must now have a passport. But these people don't have to have one.
Our government can now track us through our phones, our cars and we are required to provide Uncle Sam with just about every detail of our life. Big Brother at work- End of Days in the process?

Shots fired in some Mexican towns come across the border and strike our buildings in El Paso. One of our female missionaries was killed in Mexico and her husband wounded. Other Americans, I believe the total number is 137 but you should check on this, of Americans killed by cartels in Mexico. WHY IS OUR COUNTRY STANDING FOR THIS!!!!!!?????

When I spent two summers working for my sister and her husband on their farm in central California, I got to know some of the illegal immigrants. I wasn't aware of the whole illegal thing back then, but a lot of these people worked real hard and sincerely wanted citizenship. I was a bit surprised to find out my brother-in-law's dad was hiring these people, but maybe he just didn't check into their papers. But I did notice how they seemed to vanish when the border patrol drove by on the highway. I did also wonder why the border patrol was so far away from the border, bu later learned how they were keeping an eye on all the workers.

According to statistics, Mexico's war against the cartels have made it the most dangerous place in the world. More dangerous than Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. This is due to all the people being killed by the cartels. Yet, we leave this border unprotected and we could easily stop this and keep our troops busy. I remember how I'd rather be doing something than sitting around during my military days. During our tense days with the Russians, we had the Alaska Army National Guard keeping our border guarded and our Eskimo guardsmen was extremely good at this.

Where is the Arizona National Guard or Texas or New Mexico National Guard....even their Militia? One rancher was even killed on his own property by a cartel gunmen....but still, we did nothing. What is it going to take...another 9-11? This September will be the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, are we going to be hit and did the terrorists come across our border?

We voted this House into power, us, the conservatives, and we wanted them to act responsible and reduce our debt and government future costs. But what they did was take a pale of sand out of a 2-mile beach and said this was all they could do. But today, what are they concerned with, why didn't the President make an Easter message. Is he Muslim? Is he Christian? I doubt either. I am convinced the man is a pure socialist- his history shows this and why wasn't it brought up in his 2008 campaign??????????????????? I mean terrorists of that day met in his house, The Weathermen. Famous for bombings. His major backer is a multi-billionaire, hardcore Atheist, who targets countries to take down and makes lots of money over their collapsing economy. He's doing it now with us and our Pres is only helping him along.

Well, I'm tired and probably so are you from reading all this. Remember to vote next election and let your voice be heard. Strange, our economy is in danger, we're paying $4.50 a gallon of gas and $1.19 for small candy bar and the world is only worried about watching the royal wedding this Friday. How much money is going out on this wedding, that could feed so many people- even in England!

I think back, when I was a kid I paid 5 cents for a larger and thicker Hershey's candy bar. By the time I finished high school it was 10-cents. Now that same bar, about half the size, costs $1.19 and they its on sale with a normal price of $1.49. What does that say about out economy, how much of percentage is this? Does it match with the rest of our economy? I recall in 1971 paying 19-cents for gas in Missouri.

Got to go, Grandma calling.

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