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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A living sacrifice

Miss Mona sez---

Have you ever had someone do something nice for you? You know, buy you a latte, send you a card, babysit your kids?
How about scrub your kitchen floor, clean your pantry, wash a huge pile of laundry?

Fourth of July weekend our friends Jim and Vicki came down from Fairbanks for a visit. While here Jim and Bill put up two beautiful new clotheslines for me (the old ones came down last year due to another project and a new location had to be found). This is not unusual, they have a tendency to find a project or two around here when they come and we are always blessed. Jim headed home on Monday to go back to work and Vicki stayed for two weeks to clean my house....

I mean it! She took time off from her job to come down here and slay the dust monsters that were scheming to take over and kick Bill and I out of the house. Defeated a ridiculous pile of laundry, cleaned my kitchen, washed all the dishes (for two weeks!!), planted some veggies in my sorely neglected raised beds, helped me clean the greenhouse (that was a monster job all by itself), raked, watered, babysat Grandma so Bill and I could go out for our anniversary....prayed for us, encouraged us, blessed us over and over.
She even managed to get me downstairs and facilitated the organizing of my basement without inducing a panic attack. That particular task was no simple feat as anyone who has cast eyes on my basement this past year could tell you.

It could have been humiliating, but it wasn't. Do you know why? Because it was done with love. There was no other motive. And that, dear ones, is a living sacrifice.

Our church here in Moose Pass has been on the receiving end of such love for the past two summers. Team after team of wonderful people have come here to help us build a vision. Raising their own money for travel, food and bringing funds with them to pay for building materials, ordinary men and women have come and laid down their lives. And it has been amazing!

May you, too, find yourself as the giver or receiver of such a loving, living sacrifice!

Loving you-

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