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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gripe Blog 10.1.10

This is the first in a weekly Friday Night Moose Pass Journal Editorial outlet, which I refer to as my Gripe Page. This is my e-mail and I can do that, but of course the Feds may already be monitoring me and actually, I do not really care. It's that Tree of Liberty thing.

Gripe 1: It just makes me mad how we've allowed the elected officials of our respective government offices to forget who elected them and more importantly, who these people serve. It isn't you or me...No, it's us! Once elected into office, that person takes an oath to serve all the people- whether this is city, county or state, or federal governments. I even took an oath as a police officer for every city I worked for. But over the years, we've allowed our elected officials to violate this oath and, for some reason that escapes me, we've turned a blind eye to it. We elect a president, republican or democrat, and his job is to represent all of us as Americans.

Yet, though we are adults and mostly all of us taxpayers, we allow this president, ( not just the current one), to use said tax funds to travel about the country at great expense,(plane costs, food and hotels, not to mention all the security personnel involved), to campaign solely for those people of his political party! Our taxes are helping a party we may not belong to and possibly against the very person(s) we may want elected, and we flip the bill for this. Why do we allow this to happen? Why isn't some Bernstein and the other guy doing a Watergate style investigation on this. I mean we're paying for the president's time and travel to do this, to use his political pull to campaign against a man or women we may want elected. How is this rational. In the civilian and non-political world this could be cited as fraud for misuse of company funds.

Gripe # 2: On another front- I once served my country in a time of war, like many of you and carry the scars, both inner and outer for it. And I'm proud to be called a veteran. But as a veteran, how can we allow this illegal and more often than not, hostile actions to continual along our own border? We've sent rockets over the border in to Pakistan to kill insurgents and I'd say we most likely have CIA/Special Op teams working in Pakistan also to route out those same insurgents. But right now we have thousands of illegal immigrants entering our borders through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Hundreds of these people are carrying weapons and drugs and at some point their numbers could very well tip the scales against us if wide spread domestic terrorism breaks out. Remember the movie "Red Dawn", how the Hispanic armies came across the border and caught us sleeping. How many drug cartel soldiers have already crossed and what is their real agenda? Is it dope sales or something even more diabolical? How many of these same criminal does it take to kidnap our various leaders or threaten to harm the families of local and state politicians to sway their votes. Remember when it happened in 1934 Nazi Germany or 1963 Viet Nam, when the enemy began terrorizing the leaders with threats of harm to their families. Soon after, the actual harm came. For Germany it was called the Night of the Long Knives, when over 3,000 of Hitler's enemies were killed off and in Viet Nam similar action was carried out by the Viet Cong. How many well-armed and well-equipped soldiers does it take to make an army? To seize an airport? And we are allowing thousands to cross and this is being caught on film every day and the government can only act by wanting to sue Arizona for doing its job.

We continue to fight a major war in the big sandbox over there, causing so many of our troops to serve two and three tours in combat. But just like our 10-year war in Viet Nam, we are fighting it in limited fashion and once we pull out- what have we truly gained. Iran is ready to move in on Iraq and in fact has already accomplished small-scale raids into Iraq. A lot of lives lost, men and women wounded and how did it benefit America? Sure we may have some oil, but for how long since it is our enemies who control the oil. Now I'm not against the war over there, but I'm too old to be one of the men serving there and it should be the young fighters who have more of a say in this. But I strongly feel we should learn from our own history and fight this war as a war and not repeat the same mistakes we made with Viet Nam.  Politicians love to say we won the war in Viet Nam, but the men and women who fought there know better.

As most of you know, you've heard my boring stories often enough, I was part of the roll-up force for the closure of Danang AFB, South Viet Nam in 1973. Danang was a major Air Force, Army, Navy and even a Coast Guard installation, located 80-miles  south of North Viet Nam. Well, once we signed the Paris Peace Treaty, ending our participation in the war, we prepared to pull out. BUT the South Vietnamese were still fighting for their lives and we were no longer helping them. I was on the very last plane to leave Danang and was subjected to the very worst experience of my life up to that time, but still one of the worst to this day. As we, all 29 of us, stripped of all our weapons ( but some hidden knives), were allowed to board the C-130 cargo craft for the flight to Udorn, Thailand, (200) of our former enemy, standing in two formations, one on each side of us, was on hand to see us off. US aircraft had flown these 200 North Vietnamese soldiers, under the command of a 4-star North Vietnamese general, down to Danang to supervise our departure and he was actually counting our noses as we boarded the plane. Now does this sound like we won anything or were we retreating with our tails between our legs because of political pressure brought about by the enemy's propaganda machine back in the states?

 Much like in the 1960's, our great country is beginning to fall apart and mostly from within.  Only today in the news, I read of how a husband and wife were boating on a lake shared by Mexico and Texas. Now maybe these boaters didn't have all the brains in the world and got too close to Mexico so they could photograph the beautiful Mexican shoreline, but they sure didn't deserve the reception they received from the Mexican Tourism Office. Two boats, each manned with 3 gun toting bandits, all suspected drug cartel, came out to greet them and began shooting. The husband was shot in the head, he fell out of the boat and is presumed dead. The wife, who tried to pull her man back into the boat, was forced to retreat under a hail of fire. When asked what our federal government was going to do about it, she was informed that politicians would talk to their politicians and see if the man's body could be found and returned. No mention of going after the bandits was made by our side, and this is probably because the cartels either own most of the politicians in Mexico are have threatened so many into constant fear of losing their families our side knows they will fail to act.

No, I think it is time we pull some of our people home from the war zone and use these highly trained combat veterans and our advanced equipment to clean out a 100-mile safe zone between Mexico and the US Border. 50-miles on each side of the line because the cartels are already patrolling parts of the US side. Mexico is afraid to act and we either take the offensive or we will lose our lands, our people and our way of life for sitting on our thumbs.

There used to be a federal mandate, quite old I'm sure, which allowed us to enter Mexico when our border became threatened. We used this to go after warring Apaches and even after Pancho Villa, when his army attacked a Texas town and robbed the bank. Eventually, we entered Mexico in force and routed out all the bandits and evil elements, before handing the then safe border land back over to Mexican authorities.

We either act, or we lose. We can play our game boys, text our buddies and watch our movies, but unless we stop the invasion of the US, we will not win and we have so much to lose.  But as I said before, I'm too old to fight now in such a war, but I will always keep my weapons ready for the time when our Freedom bell is tossed to the ground and all of our American flags are either stomped on burned.

That's it for this Friday. Thanks for reading. BILL

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