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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moose Pass Journal family news update 10.1.2010

We just got back from the ER with Grandma and drove home through a torrential rain storm. Jeremy and I spent the day in Soldotna and came home to find that Mom wanted to take Grandma Lee to the ER, because she was worried about swelling in her legs. Doctors examined her and suspect possibility of a blood clot in her leg, but we couldn't get a ultrasound until Monday. Because oral medicine for the clot was available, we thought it better to bring Grandma home rather than keep her in Seward for the weekend. Medicine will keep the clot from creating problems, but on Monday we will find out if something else needs to be done. We are keeping invasive procedures at a minimum because Grandma doesn't want to be messed with this late in the game, but we also do not want to see her suffer. So we will medicate her here at home and keep her comfortable and see what Monday brings. She's not the most patient of patients and most of the time she is in another world all together. She usually knows us best in the morning hours. They have a term, "Sundowner", which means that something happens in the afternoon hours that heightens the dementia and they are unable to explain how or why this happens.

All for now. Love, DAD

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