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Thursday, March 10, 2011

And for my next performance...

What a day! Woke up to a phone call from the youngest daughter, currently in Florida, needing someone to talk to. They had a thunderstorm going on and got a tornado warning to go with it and my little Alaskan was a little freaked. Talked for an hour or so until the all clear was sounded on Base.
She can handle power outages, 60 below temps and blizzards but this tornado thing was a new one!
 Scary is entirely a matter of experience and perspective, isn't it?

 I remember back when the kids were little and we lived in Seward. Summertime and we were having a real problem with black bears in everyone's trash cans in town. I was talking to Bill's stepmom in Phoenix, telling her about the problem, making sure our Newfoundland, Radar, went out with the kids, checking the yard in the evening, paying attention so as not to lose one of the kids to a hungry bear, etc. Bea was all concerned about this horrible situation we were dealing with and I am reassuring her, not such a big deal, just have to pay attention, 140lb dog looking after them and so on.
Conversation continues and she is telling me about black widow infestations in their back yard and scorpions and rattlesnakes at her daughter's place being so bad she carried a stick when she walked down the driveway to the mailbox. I am entirely creeped out by these problems and expressing my concern, she reassures me that it is entirely normal, no big deal, etc, etc...
Well, we got tickled and started giggling. Bears in the yard are a fact of life in Alaska and something we just deal with. In Arizona, black widow spiders, scorpions and rattlesnakes are normal. But to each of us, what the other was dealing with was horrible and scary. Hmmm.

What scary thing do you have in your life that you deal with because it is just a fact of life?  An invisible illness like lupus or fibromyalgia? A mental illness diagnosis or a disabled spouse?
We all have our own rattlesnakes and black bears that try to consume or destroy us when we are not careful.
For me it is fibromyalgia and depression (the manic side rarely makes an appearance).
I plan to talk in future days about my varying levels of success in dealing with these things, but for tonight I think this is it. Midnight is here and I have my WAR (Wellness and Restoration) support group tomorrow morning.

Good night and God bless you!
May His angels watch over you this night!

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