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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bill's New Moose Pass Journal

Bill Says:  For the last 3 or maybe 5 years, (memory loss due to advanced age, (ug-g-g, I can feel the bones cracking),life's stress ( being retired and living here in Moose Pass one would not think I had much of this, but through e-mails, phone calls from family and being a deacon in church- I still have some stress and I haven't reached becoming a hermit yet) and then there is 25 years of pain medication; pills, morphine patches, needles and of course the CIA sending out their miniature robotic mosquitoes to test new drugs on me while I sleep. You may laugh, but that buzzing sound you might hear as the flying insect torments you, could be coming from their little jet engines, as they swoop by your head. Their little-little eyes could be those new cameras we've heard so much about in our official CIA online catalog, only $1,095 each. Of course, the stack of paperwork you have to file to obtain a license for same is quite thick, but I digress - ( I've also taken my medicine for the afternoon and pretty soon will be sitting in my chair of leisure and watching western movies- drives Mona crazy).

I've been writing the Moose Pass Journal via the E-mail, which has gone out to family and friends ( people who continue to like me even after reading this junk for 3-5 yrs, family is just stuck with me). Through this journal I've kept everyone on the list updated with family affairs, my brilliant thoughts about various things, new ideas ( like why Alaska should become its own country), my writing, misc stories and then there is the whatnot. BUT, these people have missed out on reading my beloved wife's creativity and I believe she is by far a better writer than I, ( no, she is not looking over my shoulder as I write this). But sadly, she mainly writes about real life( boring), while I am in to escapism, mutiny- ( I just hit my keyboard with a splatter of strawberry cream cheese and its quite messy. One should be careful with what one is eating, while typing and it makes one look like a slob!) anyway, I am into fiction, while my beloved sweety, honeybun and Bozo; a name I gave her when we began a serious relationship 31 years ago, is into non-fiction. So, as a result I have decided to bring the Moose Pass Journal to our blog, so if the rear so desires they can come to this site and read the latest poop. You will also notice I use a lot of commas, my spelling isn't all that great and please, my opinion are strictly my own and you should not hold my wife accountable for items discussed in this journal.

Today, the news people, who I usually have a lot of respect for, sounded a lot like the high school kids I remember from 1970-71, who were out shouting "Hell No, We Won't Go!", "Ban the Bomb", "Burn Your Draft Card", "Burn Your Bras", ( sorry about that one, but it was being shouted out at the anti- Viet Nam rallies.) Today, though happy that our President had this big time terrorist killed, now were demanding to see pictures of his body. Head blown away, they wanted photos. Made me sick. Then they were questioning why wasn't he taken prisoner?   "Why did he have to be shot?" Like our courageous Seals had time to lay siege upon his compound in an attempt to get him to surrender. When they crashed into his bedroom, it was a choice of shoot him or risk losing a Seal.

Can you imagine what would've happened around the world had we taken him prisoner? Important dignitaries, maybe even an actor or two would've been kidnapped and held for ransom and the price would've been this terrorist's return. Anarchy could've developed and the right decision was made and at first all the newsmen were overjoyed, but the story suddenly ended and they wanted more. Give us photos, we want to see the gore. Believe me, I was in Viet Nam and no one should have to see this and sure, it could have inspired any number of fanantics to carry out another bombing or worse. Not sure about the actor part I mentioned earlier.... anyway, for once I agreed with our President.

But as to his decision to go to Ground Zero, I believe he would've been better off he had done it spontaneously and quietly. This would have brought him more votes. To do it this way, makes i look like he is using the moment as part of his campaign and this was a poor choice on his part. I suspect this is why President Bush declined.

Our beloved country is in dire need of leadership. But IF, this the beginning of the dark days spoke of in the Bible; Book of Revelation, then what is to come will only be darker and a time of mourning for our country's downfall- led by greedy people who only think of themselves. People who are secret Atheists; socialist and communist. May not be in our lifetime, but we are drawing ever closely. It is is time to love one another, to help one another and prepare ourselves and our friends for the coming calamity. To love our Lord, to serve our fellow man and preach the Word of God to all who will listen.

More to follow....Blessed be the Name of the Lord. May the Lord bless you all.

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  1. Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are serious and when you are not....
    Love you, Mr Bill, in all your snaggletoothed glory!