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Friday, May 6, 2011

The New Moose Pass Journal 5/6/11

Bill Says:  So, this is the new version of the Moose Pass Journal and I sincerely hope it catches on because my beloved wife is quite gifted in her writings and I believe all the people who have read the MPJ will be blessed for reading her stuff.... of course there is also my stuff too. I stopped doing the MPJ on our normal e-mail site today and will check to see if anyone has added this fantastically written blog to their sites. For those who haven't, I will send their addresses to the IRS, bomb bard their sites with "You've Won!" e-mails and "I live in Africa and you may have inherited ten million dollars and be related to my third cousin on my...." e-mails. So there!

I really had to grind my teeth as I listened to the mournful sister of the pilot, who lost control of his jetliner to terrorists and crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11, as she explained her very brief conversation with our President. Oh, he had won some points with his decision to get the king pin terrorist, but when questioned about the Attorney General's charges hanging over the head of the CIA personnel who obtained the info needed to get this guy, through "enhanced interrogations"- he had this to say to her question about him offering up an opinion to the Attorney General about not charging these two men and he replied, "No, I won't". He then turned his back on her and walked away.

Now I am not a fan of this water-boarding method and believe we should still wear the white hats in the world, but if it was used and this terrorist was finally found because of it, then these two men may have saved thousands of American's lives. I do not believe they should be charged with anything, but possibly sent to remedial classes on proper methods for interrogating terrorists- like the feather to the feet method; since laughing can be quite painful after 3-5 hours of it. No, these men were trying to save lives and our President acted on it and received some political points out of it. The Seals did all the work though.

As to the Pakistan government not knowing he was there????????? I don't see how they wouldn't and most likely, some of the bigwigs were probably there, at this massive compound, for Sunday barbecues, football games and the occasional, "Let's bomb the USA" rally. AND we still give these people billions of dollars....?

Now, the United Nations, which likes to use New York for their headquarters, seeks to charge us with inhumane practices and a violation of this clown's human rights. Maybe if the UN set up their headquarters on the Ivory Coast, Sudan or even Libya, they'd value the USA more. The Seals did their job, no one outside the compound was injured or killed and the Pakistan's got the rubble of our helicopter to go through for possible secrets. We even used the Muslim burial methods to say goodbye to this Bad Guy.  I thumb my nose to the UN and I also thumb my nose to some of the news services for demanding they see his gory photos. WHY? Why do we need to see his photos. They did the same thing with the Iraqi gorilla, wanting to see his photos as he was hung. I don't need to see these photos, I have enough trouble with what I have in my memory from my days in Southeast Asia.  I enjoy the FOX news service, but even they were clammering to see these photos. The man is dead! He was shot in the head. End of story.

And then their is our congress. Have you heard the latest? Some less-then-smarter political figure has submitted an idea to begin taxing our mileage to help raise money. Not only us, but everyone. They would put this device on all the vehicles to record our mileage. So the trucks that deliver our goods will be taxed, so we will have to pay extra to cover these costs too. Who is this clown, what planet is he living on. We already pay a gas tax. Maybe this guy rides a bicycle to work and figures he won't be caught up in this. It wouldn't be hard for Big Brother to then add a little computer chip on this mileage device to know exactly where we are, where we've been and with an added chip they could just kill our vehicle in the event they wanted to limit traffic. Shades of 1984! Have you picked out your all white tunic, one size fits all and required wear for all citizens? It could be coming. We now have cameras everywhere and someone is always watching you. Makes me feel all cozy inside to know someone cares.

Me, I recommend a flat tax, right across the board. Everyone pays 10%. We could lay off 90% of the IRS and hire them in immigrations (for some reason my spell check doesn't like this word, but my dictionary spells it this way) to patrol the border. Those IRS vultures wouldn't let anyone across, at least without paying a tidy toll and having them complete 12 pounds of paperwork.

They hope to bring our guys home from Afghanistan and then begin downsizing the military. Democrats love to downsize and then we get caught with our pants down when the world catches fire. Plus, you downsize, you have all these men and women out there looking for jobs- when there isn't any! I say we bring these guys and girls home and put them on our southern border to protect our country and keep the IRS dudes in line. With the IRS and Army on the border, I think the Cartels and terrorists will think twice about entering. For those people really seeking America, there are ways of doing it legally. Like I said before, set up schools in the abandoned army posts along the border to teach citizenship and English. The Army can do the teaching, guard the camps and we're still ready when someone lights another match to set the world aflame.

China is building! China is buying up every piece of armament they can lay their hands on. They now have the largest military in the world and they even have the women in the front lines. I fought against female Viet Cong and they're even nastier then the men. I believe we should have our women in combat, let them shoulder some of the load. Be a bit clumsy at first, but it would catch on. But, China is coming and when they do, we'd better be ready. They will need resources they no longer have enough of. People get hungry, they act! The dragon is being awakened and while it loosens up its limbs and cleans the sleep from its eyes, Chinese lobbyist are doing their best to buy out our politicians to weaken our military. Once everything is in place, the dragon will charge and if we're not ready with a good can of bear spray or a shotgun loaded with ICBM's, we're going to be run over by a hundred million Chinese soldiers. Alarmist? I don't think so. I just watch the news and listen to reports on China. It is so quiet over there and that is a sure sign that something is brewing. China and Iran?

Some people want to leave our military busy on the three fronts, helping the country's we've sort of conquered - except for Libya- there we've just smacked with Tomahawk missiles. But lets look at our history for the country's we've occupied since World War Two. We have Korea and we still have a strong military presence there to keep an uneasy truce in place. But in Viet Nam we left and the communists took over within 2 years- 58,000 plus soldiers dead. Philippines, we saved their butt and they kicked us out. We even saved China against the Japanese, but few of them are still alive to remember. So, we don't do too well leaving a place. We only seem to help by leaving a military presence. We even helped Burma, but they changed their name and closed the place down to tourists. Thailand, our old bases now look like the back lot of Fox studios and are not even shown in the tourist book anymore...after they kicked us out. We had a presence in several South American and African countries, but we were asked to leave. Odd thing, we still send them billions in dollars to help them. Oh they don't like us much, but they do like our money.

We are going broke and we still send funds to people who do not want us there and don't even like us much. We send billions to Brazil to begin off shore drilling for oil, but won't allow us to open a new drill in the US. Now we send billions to Columbia to build a refinery, but we haven't had a new refinery, which is badly needed, since the 1970's. Does this make any sense? Alaska could be served by our own oil, our own refingery and we could have natural gas going into almost every house- but they won't let us.

That's it for today. The bears have awakened, Moose preparing for having their babies and I'm going to go watch a movie. Love to all. 

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