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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday's Moose Pass Journal 5/8/11

Bill Says: Mother's Day! I wish to say Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be and also say a thank you to my Mom for being such a great parent & friend. There, it is now in written form, ( well, typed actually), but legal evidence of how much I value my mother, my daughters and daughters-in-law, other mother type relatives and of course, my beloved wife, and I cannot deny it, if the matter ever came up- which it won't.

Today was my second in a three part series of mini-sermons at church, sort of a deacons corner. I began with explaining the duties of a deacon and then echoed last weeks message with further needs for us to show an open church, one with out discrimination of sinners, other races/creeds and etc. People so easily forget that our church, Christianity as a whole, belongs to our Lord. If someone wants a private fraternal organization, where the doors are closed to anyone that doesn't fit into their personal mold, they should call it something else besides being a church. Look at AMWAY, Tupperware and various Militia elements- bring your own gun.

In Seward, which is 28-miles south of Moose Pass, we now have more than a dozen Christian churches and some of the smaller ones meet in home fellowships. But for decades, the inner squabbling between some of the pastors, ministers, bishops- church leaders, keep a sense of Christian unity from prevailing over the enemy. They bicker back and forth, they live in frustration over who's stealing a member away and thus, possibly taking away funds from their church coffers. The town has approximately 3,000 to 3,500 people and most of the churches number less than 100 people. They, the Christian churches, disagree in doctrine, which version of Bible is better and this is exactly what the enemy wants. Lucifer designs to confuse, disrupt and bring about a disturbance in the ranks, in hopes this will lead to complete destruction. As a result, Seward continues to suffer under heavy illegal drug traffic ( lots of cocaine and meth), alcoholism, domestic problems and severe depression. They had the very same problems when I was a police officer there and that was in the early 1980's.

Sadly, just too many churches are preaching religion, denominational doctrine or a pastor's opinion, and not the Word of God. In my opinion, ( as an individual), if they do not read from the Bible and use sound lessons taken from the Word of God, problems can arise. I see so many doctrines that differ between churches because they are based more on opinion, some from over a 100 years ago, and less on the Word of God.

A dear friend of mine felt led to go to Seward and begin evangelizing the public. But he didn't live in Seward, wasn't invited, was alone and new very little about spiritual warfare. He was slammed hard and suffered greatly, and is only now coming up from it. This is what can happen when a community has such a strong demonic influence. but even here in Moose Pass, we have a similar problem and our little church only makes up for about 10% of the population. We are under attack, for the enemy does not want our new church built- nor the message we have to share.

Some denominations instruct that teachings from the Word of God were for back then, even from the New Testament, though the Lord says His words are forever. I've talked with some Christians who feel the Old Testament no longer matters, though this is contrary to the Lord's word, "I am not here to change prophecy, but to fulfill it."  Then there is the whole Rapture thing, which my church- the Baptists, are strong believers in Pre-tribulation Rapture. They can't wait to be swept up before the bad stuff begins to happen. Mona and I do not believe in Rapture and I will explain why later this week and you can judge for yourself to my reasons.

But I wanted to get on the subject of modern day miracles. I've heard a lot of Christians say how miracles were for the old Biblical days and not now. I suspect if a miracle occurred in front of them they'd probably be looking around for the special effect's guy. You know, "Don't look at the guy behind the curtain" ( Wizard of Oz).  In our 30-years of walking with the Lord, Mona and I have seen a lot of miracles occur and we've testified about them whenever possible. I've been asked why haven't I been healed if miracles still occur and I usually respond in one of two ways; " I leave this in God's hands and have been promised a perfect body in Heaven", or "I have been healed, but from the inside where it truly matters". I've been told I haven't been healed because I still carry either unbelief or sin in my life and I can only respond to my sisters and brothers with a shake of my head.

Yes, I was hurt in a bar fight ( I was the police officer and not the drunk) and my lower spine and upper spine ( neck) were injured. I was forced to retire and eventually spent some time in a wheel chair until a very good doctor found the right medications to get me back on my feet. I was told by more than one doctor how I would be paralyzed by 4 yrs after my injury- that didn't happen and I've gone 25 yrs.  I've gone to a whole lot healing services and I've seen many miracles occur, as people were healed all around me. But for what ever reason the Lord has, He hasn't felt it necessary to heal my back.

One pastor with a healing ministry, who I felt I could trust and I saw the Lord use him, prayed over me three times over a ten minute period and then he backed away, and asked me to look at him. "Bill, you will have a perfect body in Heaven". He smiled, squeezed my arm and then moved to the next person. Believe it or not, I was so relieved. I wasn't concerned after that, but when the pain level reaches the "strangle a chicken by the neck" range, God can handle my temper and I repent later.

I have a dear friend in Fairbanks and this is his miracle, an event that occurred about 12-13 yrs ago. In the long past he had been a illegal drug user, preferred the needle type and after he got saved, he found out he had used an infected needle and had HIV. Mona and I watched as this man, who is my size, lost well over 100 pounds as the virus spread through his body and he knew he was going to die of AIDS. The pain he was going through was incredible, but he continued to come to church. People loved him and I never saw anyone back away from him and he was hugged often. Prayers went out, but he wasn't healed and it was getting harder and harder for him to attend services.

We had this English Prophet come across the ocean and he came to Fairbanks, along with many ports of call, to teach, prophecy and lay hands on people. His name was Pastor Cook. Sometime during the seminar he had my friend brought to the front, laid hands on him and prayed. Then something really interesting happened to our amazement. Pastor Cook told my friend the Lord was going to be heal him, but the virus would remain. He would be used as a testimony to God's power among the drugs users and street people. And that's what happened. He still has the virus, confounds the doctors, gained all his weight and muscle back and bicycles all over Seattle and outlining towns to witness to the lost, the drug users and the infected ones. He came down here and spent a week and I never saw him look healthier.

This was a modern day miracle and just as the Prophet spoke over him, it occurred.

Yes, we have modern day miracles. As t why some people are chosen over others- I must leave this question with God. He sees the big picture, far beyond what we are able to see and down many generations. For those who do go home early, the ones who know the lord or of course the children, they're with the Lord. What more could we want?We all go home eventually, but are we all ready to be welcomed?

God Bless You All!!!!! 

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