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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moose Pass Journal 5/10/11

Bill Says:  As you know, or should know, I am not a political genius, nor a financial wizard and not even an economic's student, ( for those who truly know me you accepted this fact right off), but I find it really strange what the people in Washington are currently doing. 

Columbia, not the movie company but the country, which previously held the number one drug lord in custody, transported him back home to Venezuela and released him to his home town; a slap to our face... and yet, we've given them billions in anti-drug funds and only recently provided them with nearly three billion to build an oil refinery. WHY???????????? Why, do we put up with this??????????????????? Can it be that Venezuela and Columbia are forming an alliance for their oil sales? They seem to be having a lot of meetings lately.

Pakistan, which had a standing agreement with our prior administration to secure and kill if necessary this Ben Laddin dude and now, after receiving hundreds of billions from us over the years, attacks us in the UN. Are they embarrassed over our finding the terrorist in their backyard? How many senior officers might have had meals with him, caught a flick and shared a Pepsi? He reportedly had liked both Coke and Pepsi. So, why do we give all this money to people who hate us so much. They don't seem to be doing all that great of a job in fighting the insurgents and keeping them from crossing into Afghanistan.

The Government, our government, continues to tell us our southern border is protected better than ever, nearly every night on the news, and we see this to be an open lie because we can see footage and hear witness's accounts of hundreds if not thousands coming across every week. But mostly I am worried about the drug mules and the terrorists. We spend a fortune for airport security to stop the terrorists and suffer some forms of embarrassment from TSA employees frisking and photographing us. Yet we do little for our border with Mexico and they flow across. We have hundreds of thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, struggling to keep insurgents crossing in from Iran and Pakistan, but care a whole lot less for our own borders. So, WHY??????????????????  Is it that our political machine makes more money from the cartels and they seek to keep this border open, at the risk of harming more Americans? 

How do we stop a man with no weapons, rush forward in an attempt to open an airplane door in midair. He shouts out his blessing in Arabic and only by the guys of a few attendants and some passengers three airplanes in the last 24 hours didn't crash. What is TSA to search for when the man comes through? So maybe more Air Marshals, like one or two on every jet? 

Our Government is going broke and the politicians want to raise the debt limit, yet government contracts show we throw money out there on unnecessary projects we no longer need or would even truly consider and we're only trying to keep the government afloat because its in one politicians home state or another. Our Government files court action against an American private business, when a large American airplane manufacturer wants to move some of its trade from a pro-union state to another US state, where union membership is not a requirement and they can reduce costs- in order to keep the company open. This is BIG BROTHER, stepping out of bounds and the current administration supports it because they receive so much money from unions. 

Greed, dishonesty, and disloyalty to our constitution is now driving our country bankrupt and possibly, it is only the first of many stepping stones leading to the collapse of America as we know it. 

In Egypt, the government we helped put into play is now allowing Muslims to persecute with violence, the Christians in the country. But we still continue to funnel millions into Egypt, under the guise we hope to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out of office. Who does the US think is trying to kill Christians and with the Egyptian government turning a blind eye or supporting? We are helping Egypt kill Christians!!!!!!!

Today, a government body told a Veterans organization they could not fly the American flag over their memorial for fallen soldiers. One political individual was heard to state that if we should allow our flag to be flown we should also allow the flags of Muslim nations and other bodies. THIS IS AMERICA! Our flag should be able to be flown anywhere and everywhere... TO many men and women have died fighting under this flag to ensure the freedoms we now enjoy.

So many people had such hope in the arrival of this administration and what they got was a socialist in disguise, who seeks to destroy this country through leaving our border unprotected and sending money off to people who really hate us and even going so far as to violate our Bill of Rights. 

( Though I have such a small reading body, I'm sure I've set off some kind of warning triggers and will probably expect the IRS to send me a audit notice, or worse.)

Right now we have a lone border patrol agent driving down a 200-mile stretch of border road. He's by himself usually, because they don't have the manpower for two-men in several areas. Watching him drive by is a man or women known as a coyote and after he sees the patrol vehicle disappear in the distance, he radios or even uses a cellphone, or even a white towel whipped around over his head to signal the all clear. 30-75 and sometimes more than a hundred men, women and children will now come out of hiding. Some will carry backpack frames with a bushel of marijuana or brick of cocaine. Some will carry weapons, or worse, and mostly they all have prearranged destinations. For the real bad guys, a special car or truck will be by on the highway to pick them up. They will most likely toss the regulars into van trucks, or a fuel truck with a special gas tank to conceal their passengers. Its not unknown for the guys across the border to contact the border patrol with the time and location, in order for those poor people to be picked up, they've already paid their money upfront, and take some of the pressure off the real important guys with the drugs and weapons. 

We have actual footage on film of the border runners and the federal government didn't want to act on this. We have a steady flow of complaints by ranchers and farmers who live along the American side of the border, but they feel no one is listening. How can this be.  President Bush put 6,000 troops along the border, but later pulled them. Obama put 1200 troops for a supporting role and later pulled them. WHY? Why do we not have a military presence on our border, it is much to big for our border patrol- over 2,000 miles. We have the troops, they're out training to prepare for war in Arizona, New Mexico and especially Texas. Use them, give them the training they will need for the big sandbox across the ocean. 

Why do the southern governors forced to fight the federal government for immigration control? 150 yrs ago, there were some southern governors upset with the federal government and it led to Civil War. Now I know the issues are different, but the state's should be able to keep their people safe. 

I love my country, I especially love our history of freedom, but I have come to feel it is time for Alaska to become its own sovereign nations and lease our military bases to the US government for a $1 a year. The feds took over one millions acres from Alaska and turned it into National Wilderness  and this was long-long after the creation of the national parks. The feds tell us where we can drill for oil, where we can drill for gold and precious gems. We cannot build an oil refinery or drill off shore, yet we give millions to Brazil to drill off shore and we will order the oil from THEM- and not our own oil.  

A good friend of mine and his family have been working a gold mine for over 50 years, they have a small cabin on the spot. The feds told him to have the cabin removed and then they blocked off the road with a gate and threatened heavy fines if he crossed- even on foot. Is this the USA or what? The federal grandfather clause should allow him to work the mine, but then he'd have to spend a lot of money for a lawyer to fight the US and they doubt he would make the attempt because of these costs. 

I have an old friend who owned 320 small gold deposits, he's a rock hound and works for the state, but when that millions acres were taken- he was blocked from working his legal claims. Another very special lady built her dream house for her retirement years, a real outdoors lady, but her property became encircled by this new federal wilderness and she was not allowed to reach her cabin by any motoring vehicle. She would be forced to walk miles and miles. Her heart was broken and she died.  Alaska had already given up many square miles for state and national parks and Alaskans had almost no voice in this decision- only two congressmen and one senator. 

Anyway, that's my editorial for tonight. God bless all.    

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