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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moose Pass Journal for 5/21/11

Bill Says:  Fresh snow on the mountain tops, we just went through a 21-hour blackout, cold winds a blowing and still, we're having to use the wood stove to warm up the house. Thankfully we have a gas stove to cook on too. Makes me think winter hasn't ended yet. Good thing we haven't planted anything either. I've been working on widening the driveway a bit. Our friend Benton Groom, ( he used to have a business long ago and drove wrecker out to my accident scenes or DWI arrests, also rebuilt the engine on my old blazer), who now works for the state, was out cleaning the ditches out along the highway. On Mona's suggestion, I went out to talk with him and see if he could drop some of that stuff into the sloping area off the southern edge of our driveway. He brought in 6 bucket loads of slate, weeds and winter sand and this brought a 30-foot long by 10-foot wide section level with our driveway. Mona wants to put the raspberry bushes out there that were given to us. Then a dump truck brought another 2-3 bucket loads of fill and dropped it off, but I was left with this rather large pile and no front end loader around to level it. So, I attacked it with shovel and rake, and it took about 2-days to somewhat level it out. Lots of large pieces of slate, a few bigger than I could move, so I put them up into a small sculpture like thing. I'm such an artist with rocks. Then I was down for three days for over doing it again. Stubborn streak- inherited from my mom.

Well, yesterday was my 58th birthday! Thank you who sent your blessings... But where was the cash? LEt's see, one dollar for every year times....Oh well. You know, I was never bothered about turning 40, 50 or even 55 years old. Thought it was cool to be getting older, watching my kids grow up and become adults Mona and I could be proud of, and then my so many grandkids... our 12th and 13th about ready to pop out soon.  But I've told Mona that in two years, when I turn 60 yrs old, I might really freak out. My teeth are either being pulled out or crumbling from drinking too much Pepsi over the years and if I smile just right, I look like ol' snaggle-tooth and I wonder what comes next. That mile mark of 60 yrs has always been a somewhat frightening for me, both my dad and his dad never made it past 58 yrs old so I don't have anything go on, but good old mom is kicking strong at 91-yrs.

So,  I've decided to schedule my mild-life crisis right now, as to not alarm my wife when it happens. My choices are either flying down to Disneyland, borrowing the Mickey costume and chasing Minnie Mouse around the castle to entertain the tourists, sneaking off to Hawaii, passing myself off as a large Saint Bernard and riding in a large dog carrier to save costs- I'm hairy enough and complete a friendly-like car jacking of a corvette from some Magnum PI wanna-be to see the sights before I get arrested. Then there's going to Anchorage, borrowing a corvette off the lot for an extended test-ride and making a 150 mph run to Fairbanks... you'll notice these two ideas involve a corvette and I'm only borrowing- not stealing. Well, I've always wanted to own a 1970-71 Vet, but could never afford one. Though I did once own a sweet 1966 Ford Mustang and a 1974 Camero. Odd thing now, I probably wouldn't even fit in a Vet and now I don't even drive- except for real short trips- too many medications.

So, maybe I will strip down to a leather loin cloth, grab my shotgun( bears you know), a lot of mosquito dope and some Snicker bars and take a long jaunt into the woods to re-discover nature and scare some campers with my best Tarzan yell. It'll probably bring back the legend of some crazy old wild man living in the woods and get some reality show to come to Moose Pass. First thing I'll do is shoot the cameras- I really hate those shows. Hard thing though is to find a way to swing from the trees; the spruce and birch don't make vines. Anyone know where I can get an elephant and a chimp?

There has been a lot of prophecy about a massive earthquake along the Madiran (spelling) fault line. This is the fault line which originally formed the bottom half of the Mississippi River and I believe ends at the river port of Madira. ( thus it is called the Madiran fault line). Prophets say that if America turns its back on Israel, this quake will separate the east from the west in a massive way to show God's anger. No exact word on when this would occur, but our current president seems to be leading in that direction. Then I'm thinking of all the flooding down there and how a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. That makes for a lot of weight on top of that fault line....? Had to laugh the way the Israel PM took the floor away from our President in the news conference, put him down in political way I haven't seen for a long time, for even suggesting Israel would give up hard earned land to those Hamass terrorists. That's like us giving up land to the al-Queda maybe Arizona. We already know the Hamass and al-queda seem to have an interest in our southwest. Too many Americans support Israel and our president may have shot himself in the foot big time.

Last Sunday we had 46-people at church, which mostly filled the school gym, and I gave the 3rd of 4 parts of my mini-sermons. This one was on miracles and how they are still happening around us. Tomorrow I will speak on visions and how many people receive directions from God and yet, how established church leaders often get in the way of God's plans because it doesn't fit in with THEIR "set down in ...." ( you can fill it in, too many choices that fit), -established doctrine. I love "doctrines", supposedly based on the Word of God and yet they so differ from denomination to denomination. Doctrines come from man and I believe we should simply stay with the Word of God to live by. At one church we belonged to they had a doctrine that restricted us from dancing, yet the Bible is filled with acts of dancing to the Lord. Some say we are not to drink spirits at ALL, but the Lord didn't transform water into grape juice ( my once former church of my first 27 years believed this- grape juice!). Lord spoke out and said we were not to be drunk and no longer have control of ourselves. He is so right. I think back and if I had all the money I spent on booze in the first 27 years of my life and the troubles it caused, I'd be able to buy that new Vet right now- such a waste.

As we enter into this new political race for 2012, I am following this Cain fellow. At this point I like what he has to say and he even would like to establish a fair tax, more or less a flat tax, where I believe everyone would simply pay 10% of their money to the government. Everyone would pay the same 10%, and in this way we can eliminate most of the IRS. There would have to be some auditors, but the tax courts would almost be done away with. I like what he has to say and not being a former politician, he doesn't owe any favors to anyone at this point. Too many of our politicians owe favors to lobbyists and organizations. Being a businessman , ( former CEO of Godfather's Pizza), he knows how to run finances and this is what we need right now. I'll continue to follow him and see how he does. I wish Sen. Macain Would step back in- I really liked him and voted for him last time.

They are talking about bring some of our troops home from Afghanistan and as Pakistan becomes belligerent with us, this will become more necessary. Makes me recall how our troops came home from Viet Nam and the effect it had on the people we left behind. We had made so many promises, which we failed to uphold and so many people died because of it. The Montengard people, who helped us so much, we abandoned to their fate and two years after we left the country was in the hands of the communists. I can foresee the same fate for the Afgani-people. Those who had helped us will be killed and the country will be torn apart in tribal warfare. And for thos men and women comes home. The military will be downsized and we will have another 100,000 people out there looking for work. At least in this case the men and women coming home will be looked upon as heroes. This wasn't the case in my day. Viet Nam vets were shunned or spit upon. I'm still affected by it and I am thankful our country learned from this and welcomes the vets home with flags, hugs and kisses, parades and a good slap on the back to say thank you. BUT every time we downsize our armies, something comes along to catch us unaware and we rush to fill the ranks, which makes me wonder- what's next?

Grandma Lee is doing alright. Either Mona or I have to stay in her room with her except at bedtime. Mona does most of this as I have a short temper with the old woman. She still tries to break out at night, but can't walk and promptly falls down. The other night she cut her neck, her hand and bruised her legs. Mona has set up barriers, but she tries to sneak past them. Her dementia has continued to worsen. This next Wednesday we hope to have a couple ladies from church come in and sit on her so Mona and I can drive over to Soldotna for our monthly shopping. This gives Mona and needed break and gets me out of the house too. I continue to pray for a peaceful passing, but for some reason God keeps her going. I pray for this because she is so frightened most of the time because of her loss of memory, nearly blind and about half deaf. She is so bored because she can't work on any of the projects we give her and either sits in her chair or lies in her bed. But her heart seems to be quite healthy, which I apparently inherited. That and her thick bones. With all the falls she makes she has not busted anything. Well, there was that time long ago she fell down a flight of thirteen steps to a concrete floor and busted a collar bone. Joshua was sleeping down there in the basement of his uncle's home and new Grand Lee was okay because she started cussing. Yes, Grandma Lee can cuss up a blue streak.

Joshua leaves the army next month. He and Jeria are driving back to Alaska, where he will enroll at the University of Alaska/Fairbanks in the fall of this year. James and Becca expecting their 2nd daughter in the middle of August and withholding her name until birth. Their daughter Ava first liked Ava 2  for a name and then came up with Kelly Awesomly. Kelly is Becca's mother and a very nice woman.

Micah and Brady expect Bella Sue to be born on June 16th and due to the baby's position it will be by C section. Bella seems to have her head resting under Micah's ribs and her feet at the opposite end. Brady has needed to extend his time at school to have time off with Micah, so he will probably leave school in September and be stationed at Fort Lewis in October.

Elizabeth has gotten a new good paying job; contact her for details as her job confuses me somewhat. John Leroy is still waiting to hear from Fairbanks Police. It is down to 10 applicants for 3 openings.

That's about it for now. May the Lord bless your days.   

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