Mr. Bill and Miz Mona

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moose Pass Journal family news update 9.23.2010

Hello: Mona and I would like to ask all of you for prayer support. Grandma Lee is dying and we are asking God to provide her with a painless and easy passing, and grace for us to not fall into a heap over this.

Grandma Lee has been living with us for 21-years and a main ingredient into this family mixture and most of you have been touched by her through the years and you know how to pray. She is two months shy of her 91st birthday, (November 20th), but is now pretty much incoherent. Sorry, my spelling is off this morning. We are keeping her warm and comfortable. She didn't want to go to the hospital, didn't want to be messed with when the time came and wanted to remain home when the time came. But she seems to be still tough and holding on longer than we thought, even when her system begin shutting down. She just wants to go home now. Last night Mona and I alternated with sitting with her, or simply checking on her throughout the night and this morning she was still with us, but not wanting to wake up.  I'll keep you all advised.

Thank you. Dad/Bill

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