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Monday, September 6, 2010

On a More Serious Note

A Very Happy Labor day to all of you. It is sunny here, which is nice to see again and tomorrow Mona has here surgery in Anchorage, so please hold her in prayer. This is a day surgery, where they use laser to dissolve the dead gall bladder and remove it through five small holes. Should be simple and after a couple days of rest she should be back to normal.

Yesterday we closed our old church down, it had stood there for over 35-years as a "temporary building",(having been brought over as a used trailer from Soldotna), and turned the keys over to the new owners, who also happen to be Christian and will turn the building into a photo shop. We will be using the Moose Pass Elementary School for 2-3 months while we raise the funds to finish our new church. We are currently $15,000 short, but we are praying.

Now as to the other serious side of this e-mail. Over the years I have sent out this journal, my way of blogging, and you have read and replied on my silly stories, up to date family affairs and misc stuff. But today I want to discuss something that has struck a very note and wish to share with you. I try very hard to avoid politics, unless its through my ARMPIT stories, but yesterday I viewed something on television that struck a nerve and wanted to bring it to all of you.

I was watching my favorite TV channel, Turner Classic Movies, (everyone knows I'm into old movies and probably bored my kids with too many of them as they grew up), and they were showing the "March of Time", a documentary serial that had a run between the late 1930's through 1940's. It was shown in 25 minute segments in your local theater- prior to the scheduled movie.Well, yesterday they were showing a segment from 1938-1939 and it really alarmed me.

This segment was about the rise of the NAZI propaganda machine and right here in the good ol' USA. This was just prior to Hitler's invasion of Poland and the beginnings of WWII. But right here in America, and this was on film and in the news at that time, was the NAZI party's rise in our country. I watched as hundreds marched in parades right down through the main streets of New York and Chicago. Goose step marching Americans, attired in Nazi uniforms and wearing the Swastika ( spelling?) arm band and proudly carrying the NAZI flag, right beside the our Stars & Stripes.  Massive rallies were held to spread Hitler's propaganda, with Americans in those accursed German military uniforms giving the "Heil Hitler" salute to both flags as this veil dribble was spread over the crowd with enthusiastic voices. Here was our flag, raised beside that damn "Swastika" and we allowed it. People were preaching tolerance all over toward a different form of political party, supported by the American's First political party, and spouting off about how our constitution protected the NAZI party and their cause. At this same time this NAZI machine, which through its own words violated the liberties provided for all Americans under our American Constitution, was setting up youth camps in our land to train up young American ( only whites need apply)-Nazi's to fight for Hitler in Europe and we paid for it with our tax dollars.

Tolerance; this was the word used against us to help silence us. BUT then one small community stood up and said NO! The NAZI machine had wanted to build one of their youth camps in their northeastern community and people began to rise up against them. This finally led to a massive town hall meeting where it was filmed by news cameras, drawn by this David versus Goliath because the NAZI party had grown so large. The people said no-no-no and their town council responded in kind. The NAZI machine was stopped from entering their community. They tried to fight back of course, saying their rights were being violated and sighting that same word- tolerance, hoping to get fellow Americans behind them. But those headlines immediately disappeared because the big story became Hitler's march and Poland. Within two weeks it had fallen before his massive war machine- a country he had signed an alliance pact with a year earlier. The NAZI party was forced underground and they began numerous acts of sabotage against Americans. We seem to have forgotten how many ships were sunk in our own harbors, how many factories were hit by German saboteurs.

So for me, this reminded me right off of what is occurring in our country right now with the rise of Islam. Tolerance is the word bantered about, trying to keep us quiet, trying to keep us from saying "NO- not here!"  "Do not build your mosque on this land". History is always their to remind us, but sadly, we all to often tend to forget history and it always comes back to bite in the butt.

Muslims like to bring forth the Crusades and how Christians tortured and killed so many Muslims back then and yes, it was very tragic and I imagine our Lord wept in Heaven. But most of this was done by a select set, men who followed the wishes of the then pope and they were to become known as Templars. Yes, it was a sad moment in Christian history. But we also need to look deeper into the history of Islam. Of  how Muslims brought a blood bath to the world as they spread their words across Africa and the Middle East. And I can see them eventually doing that here if we do not make a stand. Accept Islam or die. The Word of God says we will be persecuted unto death for our beliefs and the Muslims have the history to be the one who carries it out.  Tolerance is the word to often used to quiet us and we can be so tolerant to see ourselves become slaves because we failed to look at history. We need to look at our own history, and what Islam has done to the world since its beginnings.  Once it was Nazism and one town stood up to stop them. Now it could be Islam and who will make the stand to stop it from taking over our country and enslaving a people all too busy with game machines, dating services, texting our friends, making more and more money while a fellow family starves next door,  our all too many addictions and not to forget our just plain laziness in hopes it will all just pass us by. We are ripe for the taking.

Our two major political parties are so busy pointing their fingers at each other, voting the party line when the idea may simply be wrong and leading our country into one worse mess after another. Americans need to stand together as Americans and not as political parties who love to argue.

I used to investigate politicians and how gambling funds were used to deepen their campaign chests and all too many of them were. I saw how too many young politicians with big dreams and great ideas for a new bill came into office and within a year were compromised. To get their bill across and many of them were truly great ideas that never saw fruit, were forced to vote for a bad bill to get a vote for theirs. All to early they became just another man or woman in office, who never saw their ideas reach the floor because the party didn't want it and only because it didn't match up with the party's desires, who now cared more about re-election than anything else. Sad, some of them liked the tile of their office more than the people they were supposed to be serving. I'm an independent, a non-partisan and in this way I can vote for the person and not what party they belong to. 

I love my Lord, this beautiful country and I love Alaska. I especially love the people that strive to make this piece of land a great place to live.
Thank you for reading. Bless your day.

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