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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moose Pass Journal family news update 9.29.2010

Hello:  The Old Woman got pretty tired out from her trip to the Emergency Room two days ago and has been in sleep mode pretty much since. Accept for some nearly unconscious trips to the portable commode, she has been out. We now have a borrowed baby monitor to help us listen in, in the event she tries to get out of bed. She has almost no use of her legs anymore, so she will most likely fall.

I got a few morning chores done as there was a feeling of snow in the air, some of the near peaks got hit with a dash of it. Was about 28 degrees when I got up, but will warm up to about mid-40's. So snow is possible at any time, but we could also wait until after Halloween. I remember the year we only got 6 inches for the entire winter and that was right before Christmas and then the winters we were dumped on. I have a feeling that from the wet summer we got this could be a dumper winter. But it is always anybody's guess.  The  greenhouse plastic has been ripped to shreds by the wind, so everything inside froze. Sad to see Mom's beautiful roses freeze up and my one stalk of corn that was producing die. Will have to re-plastic the sides and do something about the roof before snow.  Raked the leaves again, using them for later mulch after a winter's storage in circle shaped chicken wire enclosures.

Mom is going to town today, taking one of our seniors in. So I will monitor Grandma. Friday I'm thinking about going to Soldotna to hit the food bank there for supplies. We have to store the stuff in our house right now so it won't be too much. Once we get into the church we will have more room, a refrigerator and freezer to use.

That's it for now.  Love, DAD

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