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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moose Pass Journal family news update 9.19.2010

Greetings: No ARMPIT tale tonight, I'm a bit tired. Just got back from Sunday night services where I taught the adult class on Moral Excellence. I used of course the story of Jesus, as he is the only one who achieved this mark. But from a suggestion of mom's I also taught on Joseph, his relationship with the leader of Egypt and Joseph's special relationship with God. They shot baskets for a bit, Jeremy supplied the basketball and yes, I still cannot hit the basket. Never was any good at basketball.

Talked to John today on the phone and he explained how he felt getting tasered at the academy. He goes on a ride-a-long with Sitka PD on Friday night. This is one of the departments looking at him and it will give him an idea of what Sitka night life is like.

Mom is doing well, using her medicine and now preparing for a week long seminar she is helping host in Seward for mental health.

Grandma isn't doing well. We suspect that during the night she may have suffered a TIA- minor stroke of the brain. She has slept all day and is quite weak, which is unusual for her and her blood pressure is up. She is quite foggy, vision still blurry and for the first time wasn't sure who I was. I will stay close to her this week while Mom is gone. Not sure, this may or not be her fading away time. She has rallied before, but this seems different. Hard to see my mom like this....enough said for now.

Having church at the school has kept our numbers down, but our worship team seems to have improved with being able to spread out some. We have picked up some nicknames for some of the members. We refer to Jeremy as Sniper, Keith is "One Time"- as he catches the tune the first time and I often refer to as a tundra wookie and Casey is known as "Re-run"- as he doesn't catch the tune the first time. Casey showed up for practice last night wearing an Elmer Fudd red checkered hunting cap, white t-shirt, multi-colored Bermuda shorts and red high top sneakers. He is from Southern California and plays bass quite well.

Smokey is sitting beside me and watching me type, he wants his water changed and wonders why I haven't done it for him.

Leo D, your Aunt Sally's oldest boy, is in the hospital for heart problems and it seems he will be there for a bit as they want to insert one of those heart devices in his upper chest to keep his beat down and restart him if needed. Rough on Sally being down in South Dakota, while her boy goes through this.

Bugs around the yard are incredible, driving us in the house when they are at their worst. I'm looking forward to the cold, just for that fact. I'm digging holes to put trees and bushes in, and clearing land upset by electrical crew to prepare for planting after I get some top soil in.

Oh well, all for now. I have to write a letter to a friend who is now in jail. Oh, Lisa stopped by on her way back to Seward. She is attending AVTEC for computer sciences. No longer working in the jail. She dropped off 30 lb of moose burger for our food bank and sends her loves to all of you. Mike, her husband got another moose this season, so he is happy.

Good night. Love, DAD

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