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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moose Pass Journal family news update 9.27.2010

Just to let you know that Grandma has rallied, but is worn out and looks like she just played 4 quarters with the Green Bay Packers. Her heart is okay, but the incident that hit on Saturday night of last week has caused her dementia to greatly accelerate and she is, I'd estimate 70-80% of the time on a different plain of thought. Last night was one of the worst, Mona mostly or I, was up with her most of the night to keep her in bed and we had to take her into the hospital ER in Seward to get some help with dealing with her episodes. We ended up being in there most of the day as they examined her. Doctor feels the incident was either heart attack or stroke like we thought. Some of her system still shut down, but I won't go into all that. She is still with us for now and I thank you for all your prayers. I ask now that you pray against her fears, which make their presence known as her mind wanders from one realm to another.

It is always hard to see a parent go through this, though for a lot of the elderly this is the norm as they draw closer to their end of life on this mortal plain and make the journey to the next world to be with God. When Grandma is coherent we discuss this and laugh about which husband she might see first, but then that faraway look comes into her eyes and she is elsewhere again. Accept for the fear she so often feels, she seems happy at times as she talks to people unseen and makes plans for this or that, or wonder where this person is. I've been called every name in the family tree, thankfully just the males so far. She listens to Mona, which is good.

Anyway, just an update and appreciation for all your prayers. 

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